I guarantee this will work!

August 7, 2013


If you want to make your employee wellness programs more successful….give them GOLD! Forbes article on Dubai weight loss program/

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Skill vs Competency

July 3, 2013



Happy employees = profitability!

June 8, 2013


From Forbes: “Costco’s most recent quarterly earnings report reveals a fairly healthy eight percent rate of growth in year-on-year sales—including a five percent rise in same store sales. What’s more, with membership fees rising from $459 million in the same quarter last year to $528 million this year, it’s pretty clear that a significant number […]

DiSC or LBAII? How about neither?

April 30, 2013


Over the years I wish I had saved all the binders from all the leadership tests and workshops I have taken, none of which by the way are still in favor. When I took a course called “tests and measurements” for my Masters program in Industrial Organizational Psychology, I learned about a database called the […]

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Some ideas on the future of healthcare

April 28, 2013


Thinking about how nursing leadership fits in… sometimes you dont improve something you totally rebuild it forbes: big-brains-are-working-on-small-things

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Evidence: women are absent

April 25, 2013


Women comprise only 4% of heathcare company CEOs but hold 73% of manager positions. Overall in business, women comprise 15-16% of top jobs.  In hospitals, women hold 18% of CEO positions (http://xxinhealth.org/reports) TED talk from Sheryl Sandberg (COO facebook) shares thoughts on why women aren’t sitting at the table. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/13/sheryl-sandberg-ted-talk_n_1145415.html?1323791868 (by the way, women give only 19% of the TED […]

Listen to female leaders…

April 24, 2013


http://www.slideshare.net/XXinHealth/pro-tips tips from female leaders in healthcare  

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