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What’s the most important part of the patient experience?

February 4, 2012


We want 100% of the patient experience to be fantastic. But while we endeavor to achieve that, what is the most important part of the encounter with your hospital? Daniel Kahneman talks about the “experiencing self” vs the “remembering self” to give us insight. The remembering self has the voice. How do we influence the […]

The end of 2011…

December 29, 2011


The last post for 2011.. I can think of no better way to end the year than to link to a Mark Graban post on why LEAN (and I’ll add nursing/hospital management in general) needs to focus on getting the garbage out of a nurse’s way…because this video illustrates how we want nurses spending their […]

Blog Recommendation: Hospital Systems

September 28, 2011


Hospitals need collaborative relationships and not just among clinicians. This is a very informative blog totally dedicated to Hospital systems “and how to improve them”…From the engineers…