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Falling behind? Get more productivity from focusing on accomplishements!

June 15, 2014


This is an interesting idea for productivity that combines neuroscienece concepts with appreciative inquiry. Key points: Feeling like you are getting behind leads to anxiety and less productivity. We all get the reports that tell us our deficits. How about more reports that show a running tally of accomplishments? I am helping to build web […]

What’s the most important part of the patient experience?

February 4, 2012


We want 100% of the patient experience to be fantastic. But while we endeavor to achieve that, what is the most important part of the encounter with your hospital? Daniel Kahneman talks about the “experiencing self” vs the “remembering self” to give us insight. The remembering self has the voice. How do we influence the […]

I’m an Influencer/Provider

November 27, 2011


Another great strengths-based positive psychology resource is a book released this past September by Marcus Buckingham called “Standout.”  As a benefit of purchase you get to take the Standout assessment for free! This report alone is well worth the price of the book!  Read Mine There are 9 dimensions total and the report ranks them but […]