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What is the driver of healthcare costs?

April 12, 2013


Jeffrey Pfeiffer on healthcare costs: “But the thing that few people talk about, and that no serious policy proposal attempts to fix—the arrangement that accounts for much of the difference between health spending in the U.S. and other places—is the enormous administrative overhead costs that come from lodging health-care reimbursement in the hands of insurance […]

Nurses hate change…or do they?

September 25, 2011


Whenever a project fails one will inevitably hear a comment about how the nurses, especially older ones, never want to change.  While this may provide some momentary comfort to the leaders of the initiative, it’s an untruth.  If we look at the hospital environment today, it is full of complexity. Those who do not like […]

My Way?

December 18, 2010


From Nursing Administration Quarterly 2006: “With little published evidence of management successes and failures based on outcome data, how can we determine what our best administrative practices are? … “We cannot afford to live with “doing it my way” as we have always done it this way mentality. Using data (evidence) to change the way […]