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Great project but when will hospitals give nurses the time to solve the problems???

June 9, 2015


Small Troubles, Adaptive Responses [STAR]: Fostering a Quality Culture in Nursing Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on google_plusone_shareShare on emailShare on printMore Sharing Services A team led by Kathleen Stevens and Robert Ferrer at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio recently completed a project to improve nursing units’ quality and efficiency, using […]

Falling behind? Get more productivity from focusing on accomplishements!

June 15, 2014


This is an interesting idea for productivity that combines neuroscienece concepts with appreciative inquiry. Key points: Feeling like you are getting behind leads to anxiety and less productivity. We all get the reports that tell us our deficits. How about more reports that show a running tally of accomplishments? I am helping to build web […]

Evidence: women are absent

April 25, 2013


Women comprise only 4% of heathcare company CEOs but hold 73% of manager positions. Overall in business, women comprise 15-16% of top jobs.  In hospitals, women hold 18% of CEO positions ( TED talk from Sheryl Sandberg (COO facebook) shares thoughts on why women aren’t sitting at the table. (by the way, women give only 19% of the TED […]

The leader of 2013 and beyond!

January 19, 2013


Leadership components: Some kind of leader-member exchange That occurs in a particular situation Where the leader and members share a purpose, goal, outcome, and tasks Most leadership theories focus on the behaviors of the leader.  These traditional theories view the leader in a heroic vein and often over-estimate the power over the organization the leader […]

RCA : the true roots

August 29, 2012


Root Cause Analysis:  How Well Do We Tackle the Latent Management Factors? Best Quote: “everything rises and falls with leadership…. We know that errors become visible at the sharp end, but they almost always start with the blunt end.”

The end of 2011…

December 29, 2011


The last post for 2011.. I can think of no better way to end the year than to link to a Mark Graban post on why LEAN (and I’ll add nursing/hospital management in general) needs to focus on getting the garbage out of a nurse’s way…because this video illustrates how we want nurses spending their […]

Pocket Picking isn’t Profitable

April 7, 2011


In light of all the recent news about RIFs and cuts for government workers’ and healthcare workers’ compensation across the nation I thought I would share some Jeffrey Pfeffer wisdom. In his 2007 book “What were they thinking: Unconventional wisdom about management,” Jeffrey Pfeffer devotes a chapter to reductions in labor.   Entitled “Stop picking employees […]