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Roll it out and forget about it!

September 21, 2013


As you can see from this graphic, even “tested” best practices roll out on a trajectory. There is no such thing as a completed roll out. The environment must be monitored for conditions that might propel a drift back into unsafe or undesired practices. These drifts usually do not occur because staff refuse to adopt […]

RCA : the true roots

August 29, 2012


Root Cause Analysis:  How Well Do We Tackle the Latent Management Factors? Best Quote: “everything rises and falls with leadership…. We know that errors become visible at the sharp end, but they almost always start with the blunt end.”

The end of 2011…

December 29, 2011


The last post for 2011.. I can think of no better way to end the year than to link to a Mark Graban post on why LEAN (and I’ll add nursing/hospital management in general) needs to focus on getting the garbage out of a nurse’s way…because this video illustrates how we want nurses spending their […]

Nurses hate change…or do they?

September 25, 2011


Whenever a project fails one will inevitably hear a comment about how the nurses, especially older ones, never want to change.  While this may provide some momentary comfort to the leaders of the initiative, it’s an untruth.  If we look at the hospital environment today, it is full of complexity. Those who do not like […]

Scholar Practitioner Model

January 25, 2011


Nursing leaders often use a practitioner view of problem solving in their respective institutions, focusing on what has worked in previously held positions. These lessons may have come from their own ideas, recommendations from consultants or from colleagues. Missing from this decision making process however is the scholarly dimension. In the scholar-practitioner model, a leader […]

My Way?

December 18, 2010


From Nursing Administration Quarterly 2006: “With little published evidence of management successes and failures based on outcome data, how can we determine what our best administrative practices are? … “We cannot afford to live with “doing it my way” as we have always done it this way mentality. Using data (evidence) to change the way […]