Best Quotes

Mark Graban (oct 2013) “Across the board “10% budget cuts” or “10% staffing cuts” are just about the laziest form of management around.”

“Heathcare delivery relies on communication and relationships to bring about the coordination of care and quality for the patient experience”   CLalley, 2013

“The fact is that no one can fix the patient experience if you don’t fix hospital culture and start to care about each other first. Let’s shake up the industry a bit, and get everyone involved to realize that improving patient service starts with improving employee engagement. There is already plenty of data that hospitals with happy employees have better clinical outcomes and better patient experiences.”                       -Paul Spiegelman 2013  (read entire article on

“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.” -Jack Kerouac

“It’s so critically important to recognize that hospitals and the people there provide more than clinical care. The “value” that a nurse or a tech provides to a patient is more than just administering medications or taking vitals. Value is often taking a moment to talk and make a patient feel comfortable upon admission.”- Mark Graban, Lean blog 2010.

“We need to adopt a culture of evidence-based administration, using models of nursing care delivery that are not based solely on cost saving, but have been evaluated on robust nursing research and supported by reality testing from front-line staff as well as nursing managers.” – Susan VanDeVelde-Coke (2010). Evidence-Based Research in Nursing Administration: The Time Is Now. Nursing Leadership, 23(3). 15-17

“Avoid basing decisions on untested but strongly held beliefs, what you have done in the past, or on uncritical “benchmarking” of what winners do.” -J. Pfeffer, Top 5 EBMgt Tips.

“We cannot afford to live with “doing it my way” as we have always done it this way mentality. Using data (evidence) to change the way in which nursing is practiced is essential to our future. Best administrative practices need to be nurtured and rewarded as in Magnet Hospital recognition. After more than 50 years of nursing, more than 30 in administration, I am excited to see the changes ahead. Systematic evaluation, concern for effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability, and changes based on evidence will be most welcome in my senior years. We need strong, dedicated nursing leadership to keep patient-centered care values at the forefront while exercising data-based testimony with unified voice and power for nursing.” -B.Brown (2006).

“Assess, implement and measure, measure, measure.” -Meninger (2010).

“Lean is a system that demands employees do their best, but does not overwork them. The sense of trust created between management and the workers can promote efficiency and at the same time a relaxed feeling.” (Japanese Management Association, 1986 as posted in Mark Graban’s blog, 4.7.11)

“Everything rises and falls with leadership…. We know that errors become visible at the sharp end, but they almost always start with the blunt end.”  (Judy Milne, 2012)

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  1. ” Success in nursing profession is not measured by monetary figures, nor the position you are holding, nor the prestigious place you are working. Its a matter of happiness, contentment , comfort, sense of belongingness and respect for what you are, and who you are. Working in a stress-free workplace is the essence of success. ”
    – Marites J. Ramos RN RM MAN

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