Great project but when will hospitals give nurses the time to solve the problems???

Posted on June 9, 2015


Small Troubles, Adaptive Responses [STAR]: Fostering a Quality Culture in Nursing

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A team led by Kathleen Stevens and Robert Ferrer at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio recently completed a project to improve nursing units’ quality and efficiency, using a program designed to identify and address small problems encountered by nurses in patient care. The intervention combined a methodology for measuring minor operational failures in routine nursing care with a set of quality improvement strategies for tackling the small problems nurses encounter in practice. Researchers launched the study at two sites. Although tracking small problems with pocket cards was an effective strategy to raise awareness of small problems, nursing units’ ability to improve practice was limited, because there were few effective communication channels with clinical leadership and frontline nurses had limited time and expertise for improvement projects.

Grant Year: 2008
Recommendation Type: Interprofessional collaboration (R2)
Research Topic: Acute Care
Nurse Knowledge and Education
Staffing and Environment
Grantee Organization: University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
Grantee: Dr. Kathleen Stevens
Dr. Robert Ferrer