DiSC or LBAII? How about neither?

Posted on April 30, 2013


Over the years I wish I had saved all the binders from all the leadership tests and workshops I have taken, none of which by the way are still in favor.

When I took a course called “tests and measurements” for my Masters program in Industrial Organizational Psychology, I learned about a database called the “Mental Measurements Yearbook.” This is a phenomenal treasure of reviews of various assessment tools by experts. They do all the work for you of assessing validity and reliability and applicability to the workplace or whatever the tool is purported to measure. In my program, it was deemed unethical to use a tool that did not show direct correlation between its scores and its claims. Other workplace consultants do not hold the same code of ethics as psychology practitioners. And while I am sure many mean no harm, their allegience to non-evidence based tools is alarming in terms of cost-benefit ratio when we have a healthcare system in financial turmoil.

IF you look up some of the leadership assessments you have taken over the years, you may be surprised to find how little evidence there is for the test you took.
Before you fall prey to your next consultant’s advice to how much your organization will improve if you adminster a leadership assessment, look it up in EBSCO’s Mental Measurements Yearbook to see if this is evidence-based or just a fad. How much money could you save?

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