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Posted on November 27, 2011


Another great strengths-based positive psychology resource is a book released this past September by Marcus Buckingham called “Standout.”  As a benefit of purchase you get to take the Standout assessment for free! This report alone is well worth the price of the book!  Read Mine There are 9 dimensions total and the report ranks them but expands on your top two. The rest can be read about in the book.

This workplace assessment is a type of test known as situational judgement. In a test such as this the participant is given scenarios and responses.  Most of the responses are usually appropriate for the scenario described and the examinee’s style and leadership preferences come through as they pick their preferred response in each depiction.    SJTs have better criterion-related validity than cognitive ability and personality tests in terms of the selection process (Lievens, et al., 2008).  There are many situations in healthcare for which there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer but there is an answer that fits better with a particular hospital’s culture and organizational goals.


You get the free report even if you order the kindle or audio versions of this book.

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