Scholar Practitioner Model

Posted on January 25, 2011


Nursing leaders often use a practitioner view of problem solving in their respective institutions, focusing on what has worked in previously held positions. These lessons may have come from their own ideas, recommendations from consultants or from colleagues. Missing from this decision making process however is the scholarly dimension. In the scholar-practitioner model, a leader uses practical knowledge and scholarly research as a basis for planning and problem solving. Scholarly research includes assessing one’s own workplace to describe a problem or situation completely; assessing one’s own workplace for the readiness to apply the theoretical or practical research chosen as a solution; and ongoing assessment of the workplace environment for the impact from one’s decisions post implementation including unintended results. Following the scholar-practitioner approach will decrease the scenarios in which a nursing leader is recruited from a position of success only to falter in a new position when practices from a prior situation are applied incorrectly within the new environment.

Posted in: Accountability