Posted on December 18, 2010


Welcome! In writing my Safetydog blog I realized that so many management issues affected safety. Why do organizations copy “best practices” and policies and is there evidence to support this? Is the implementation studied as well as the practices? I have seen so many management initiatives come and go (as well as administrators) in my nursing career without sustainability.  Why did initiatives work in one place but not in another? Did it even work at all or was there something else coincidently at play? Is it the process that worked or was it the mindset of the project?
It has been shown that Human beings function more readily with a short list of principles than they do with a long list of rules. While standardization is necessary to study outcomes, too many rules can stifle innovative methods to achieve outcomes.
There are many different drugs to treat hypertension which have varying effect on different patients. We use evidence to choose this treatment. There are many ways to treat an organizational problem. We should also use evidence to choose these treatments.

I am also pursuing a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  SIOP, the professional organization for I-O psychologists, has a goal of taking the lead in bringing evidence based management to organizations.  Let’s start with hospitals.

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